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Drest couture founder in a ballroom pose


I first stepped into a dance studio when I was 9 years old. Back then it was ballet. Dance was truly my first love. Within a few years, I was dancing on pointe. When I got to high school, I learned modern and jazz dance, too, and was immediately asked to join the senior dance team.  I choreographed original numbers and toured with the team. Then, I was invited to dance the lead in my ballet studio's annual recital. but it came with a caveat, 'You can dance the lead -- but first, you have to lose weight.'


I had already been dieting since I was 11 years old. If I believed I had the ability to have a smaller body I would already have a smaller body. I doubted myself and my talent. I lost my confidence.

So, I quit.

I hope this never happens to any young girl again.  It is our mission to embrace, celebrate,

and advocate for bodies of all sizes.

We all deserve to dance.


  Decades later after raising a family and working a demanding job my husband surprised me with some ballroom dance lessons for the two of us. Walking into that ballroom, I felt like I had returned home. It reignited a fire and passion in me I haven't felt

since I was a teenager. 


One problem I quickly discovered is that most dancewear retailers are stuck in the past and don't understand that dancers come in all sizes. I had a hard time finding practice wear and performance gowns for my size 16 body, I looked around and recognized I wasn't alone. Many of the women on the dance floor were my age and similar sizes. That's where the idea for Drest Couture was born.


We love you tiny dancers but you've got plenty to choose from. We specialize in practice wear to fit and flatter average-sized women. We use American size charts. In developing our product line we reached out to other curvy dancers to see what they wanted.  Our mission is to create beautiful, affordable, ready-to-wear dancewear with you in mind.


We hope you love our skirts and dresses as much as we do.

But, mostly we hope you never give up on your passions --

and just keep dancing!

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